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I have graduated Bulgarian philology and low as а master. I know a few languages. More than 30 years work in the area of occultism.I had lived in Africa, where I studied vudu and in Western Europe, where I studied hermetism.I had passed trough the magic, Kabala and the prophesies and now I can say, that I had reached the high and spiritual magic.I have contacts with energetic creatures from higher levels. I am in friendly connections with the oba of edo. From my book you can learn the road, through which you could reach to the high magic.
Y worked with Lions Clubs (lioness section) in their charity activity in Africa. The misery there is terrible cholera, blind and crippled children and there is much job to be done http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/index.php
Author of the book: "The holy magic" and "The road toward the holy magic".
"The road toward the holy magic" - published by DILOK":
http://dilok.net/article91.html (internet supply).
"The holy magic" - published by "HERMES": http://www.hermesbooks.com/detail.php?pID=941&... (internet supply).

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